Mysterious Northern Frontier


Suguta Valley

African hottest and most inaccessible valley

available mainly from the air. Cosmos. Sahara like dunes, tongues of black lava running down into the water, flocks of flamingoes painting amazing patterns on the water surface, the explosion of pastel colours… It cannot be described in word.


Lake Turkana

The biggest desert lake in the world.

‘A gleaming surface of the lake stretching far beyond the reach of the eyesight, the deep blue, beautifully framed, suspended between the sky and the earth’, said Ludwig von Hohnel who discovered the lake in 1888, when he first saw the incredible landscape of the lake.
“The beginning of the world”. Here under the waters of the lake where the continental tectonic plates overlap, Europe, America and the rest of the continents were born.


Lava Desert

The kingdom of stones, thousands of square kilometers of lava, the Mars scenery.

Landscape here is severe but full of sophisticated colours, as if taken straight from painter’s palette. The sinister scenery commands respect and seduces you with its beauty and harmony.


Koobi Fora

Not more than 200 people a year reach this place, the real end of the world, completely off the beaten track.

“The cradle of humanity” - a place we all come from, where the first human being settled down 3 million years ago. It’s here, in an archeological site founded by the Leakeys’ family, where the skeletons of the oldest men, Homo Erectus and Homo Habilis, were found.


Chalbi Desert

The harshest place in Kenya.

Endless sun-cracked earth, sprinkled here and there with the snow-white soda. During the wet season, for a few days, it changes into a lake. When it’s dry you can drive across at 120 kph. Only ostriches and the Gabra people roaming in camel caravans remind you that you are still on the Earth.

Rock art

The dawn of imagination.

many small, generally fairly crude engravings of giraffes, antelopes, cattle, camels, people and symbols. One of the oldest and most extensive records of human thought on earth. Priceless treasures shrouded with mystery. Nor the author nor their age are certain.

True Nomads


one of the most colourful African ethnic groups. Bodies and hair beautifully painted with red ochre, bead collars, meticulously crafted hairstyles, interlaced with flowers, beads, buttons, everything that’s within reach. Despite the omnipresent modernity which aggressively tries to reach every place on our planet, they are still very attached to tradition which they cherish and cultivate. When visiting Desert Rose, where they serve you coffee to bed, you can’t be closer to it.


the lords of the stony world, incredibly black, skimply clothed in leather, decorated with scarifications and colorful necklaces. Every day of their life is a struggle for survival, for the water which becomes the purpose of their life.

El- Molo

the smallest and the least-known ethnic group in Kenya numbering about 300 people. According to some historians, the 'pure' El-Molo may number only forty! Shrouded in mystery and legends. Nobody knows exactly how they reached Turkana. Some say they could walk on the bottom of the lake and talk to crocodiles.


true desert nomads, for generations evolved their livelihood in symbiosis with camels. They appear suddenly like ghosts in the middle of nowhere. Aliens. Tightly covered with black cloth, they drive their camels to water holes roaming through the galaxies of hills, dunes and river beds. Absorbed in their wander, that they run away at the sight of an approaching car.  

Mysterious springs

At the foot of the Kulal Volcano 3 springs spurt streams of water – the gift of the Creator to the Kingdom of Stones. 3 springs within just a few meters.  One with alkaline water – Turkana believe in its healing power, second with cold sweet water and the third sweet but hot.  


Almost every stone lifted from the ground turns to be a million-year-old fossil, as if it was a sign sent to us by the ghosts of our ancestors.


The ground conceals the dozens of gems. Malachite, ruby, rose quarz, garnet, agate, rock crystal and tanzanite for those with a bit of luck.