Eco-friendly lodge surrounded by nature

I believe in God, only I spell it Nature

Desert Rose Kenya

Desert Rose, a unique eco-friendly lodge located at 5,500 feet (1676 meters) above sea level on the verdant cedar forest slopes of Mt Nyiru which towers majestically above the Elbarta plains, between Karisia Mountains and Lake Turkana in North Kenya. It consists of five unique houses accommodating up to twelve people.

The remote location of the lodge, itscloseness to nature, and surreality amid the wilderness creates a unique atmosphere of spirituality and attracts not only people but also wild animals, like the friendly leopard which lives nearby and can be heard from a distance in the early morning and at dusk. There is no network at the lodge. However, there is a place we normally refer to as the “Safaricom rock”, where if the weather permits, you can get some network, hence the name.

Close to wildlife

Our Sustainable Philosophy is about how we focus on protecting the last remaining cedar tree forest in East Africa. We aspire to keep things as we found them or even better by empowering our employees to take responsibility for their actions. We also focus on preserving some few unique species including wild dogs, leopards and cheetahs.

Desert Rose Kenya lodge safari Desert Rose Kenya lodge safari


The whole philosophy of Desert Rose is GREEN. It uses only natural sources of energy, from a gravity fed water system to solar water heating and power. It is made of organic materials: stone and cedar. It is among the only lodges in Kenya where all design elements, from furniture and fireplaces to baths and toilet paper holders are hand-made.

The close attention to detail and isolated serenity makes Desert Rose absolutely unique compared to other tourist spots and remains one of the best lodges up the North of Kenya. It does not dominate over nature, it is an integral part of it.

Desert Rose Kenya lodge safari
Help us save electricity

Please turn off lights when you do not need them. Unplug cell phones and other electronic devices once they are charged.

Desert Rose Kenya lodge safari

Using your towels more than once helps us save water, electricity, soap, and labor.

Desert Rose Kenya lodge safari

We recycle almost everything we use, from paper to plastic bottles. Please put your trash in the bins. It will be collected and recycled.

Desert Rose Kenya lodge safari

Observe animals and insects from a respectful distance and stay on the marked trails while on a trek.